About Me

Since 2010, I have been working as a freelance writer, working across a number of industries, primarily focused on energy and technology.

I have a background in print journalism, having previously held the position of Senior Journalist at Perth-based publishing company Resolutions Publishing, during which time I wrote for two petroleum-focused magazines: PESA News (the Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia) and SPE News (the Society of Petroleum Engineers).

I continue to write in the petroleum sector on a freelance basis, writing for the PNRonline and SPE News websites, producing both feature articles and regular industry updates.

I have also covered news within the consumer electronics sector and the retail sector more broadly, having worked as a freelancer for Sydney-based Connected Australia over two years, writing across a number of different consumer technology websites, before Connected shut down mid-2014.

I continued to cover the latest in consumer technology news and trends for Sydney-based 4Square Media’s websites ChannelNews, SmartHouse and SmartOffice,¬†writing on a freelance basis for 4Square, 2014-2016.

As a journalist, I have interviewed senior executives of large multinational corporations, covered major conferences, including the annual APPEA (the Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association) and AOG (Australasian Oil & Gas) conferences, and have written on topical issues such as climate change and related emissions mitigation measures, the digital economy and consumer technology trends.

I understand the importance of getting a message across and the methods of doing so, in particular the need for unique and well-researched content. I am flexible in my approach and capable of tailoring my writing to appeal to different audiences.

I welcome the opportunity to write on a variety of subjects. For further information, or to discuss potential projects, please get in touch via my Contact page.